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This is the Clinical Placement system used by the Nursing & Midwifery Program at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Once you have logged into Sonia Online, your School homepage will become active. From here you can access information relating to your Clinical Placement including:

  • your placement details;
  • Forms and information for Mandatory Pre-Clinical Requirements;
  • Reminders and important dates;
  • Electronic forms;
  • Facility information;
  • Selecting placement group preferences;
  • Uploading and viewing pre-clinical documentation.

Important note: It is not always possible to place all students near where they live; you will have to travel further than you do to get to University. Placements are allocated in different ways for different subjects; decisions are governed by students’ scope of practice which develops as you progress through the Degree.


Mandatory checks  
You need to ensure that you have completed the following mandatory checks prior to the commencement of your placement.

USC has a responsibility to ensure all students comply with the mandatory checks (requirements) of placement sites. It is essential that each student maintains their own personal process to manage paper and electronic documents associated with these checks. Many placement sites will ask to see hardcopy evidence of all checks on the first day of placement, so it is the responsibility of each student to be able to provide these on request.

To be eligible to commence placement, the following 8 pre-clinical Mandatory Checks are required. Keep all original documents in a portfolio (folder). You are required to take your portfolio to every placement.

For additional information on how to complete each Mandatory Check, please click on the headings below which will direct you to any forms, websites or other applicable information that you will need to complete the Check.

Once completed, please upload the relevant documentation to ‘Checks’ in Sonia. Instructions are provided in the Quick Guide to uploading Mandatory Checks and Documents (PDF 547KB).

All students

  Blue Card Working with Children Check (PDF 154KB)

It can take from up to 10 weeks to receive your card after lodging the application

  AFP National Police Check (PDF 538KB)

Police Check applications can take up to 6 weeks to be processed

  Vaccination Evidence Form (PDF 513KB)

All required vaccinations must be complete prior to placement

  First Aid_CPR_Mental Health First Aid Certificates (PDF 525KB)

To be eligible to attend placement, you are required to hold a current CPR, First Aid and Mental Health First Aid Certificate to be able to participate in placement.

  QLD Health Student Orientation Checklist (PDF 655KB)

To be eligible to attend placement, you must compete the QLD Health Student Orientation Checklist

  QLD Health Student Deed Poll (PDF 638KB)

To be eligible to attend placement, you must compete the QLD Health Student Deed Poll

  USC Student Placement Agreement (PDF 518KB)

Agreement between the student and University that covers confidentiality, code of conduct and is where you will record your personal details and emergency contacts

If you require any assistance with your Mandatory Checks, please contact the Nursing Placements Office on the details below.

Nursing & Midwifery Placement Offices

Sunshine Coast
Phone:  07 5456 5005
Email: nursingplacements@usc.edu.au
In person: H1 Ground Floor, Reception (H1.G.66)

Fraser Coast
Phone:  07 5456 5621
Email: Nursing_FraserCoast@usc.edu.au
In person: Main Reception, Fraser Coast Campus

Phone:  07 5456 5005
Email: nursingplacements@usc.edu.au
In person: Main Reception, Gympie Campus

Phone:  07 5456 5005
Email: nursingplacements@usc.edu.au
In person: Bld O, Rm 1.2, Caboolture Campus

Student's responsibility prior to and during clinical placement

Student's responsibility prior to and during clinical placement is to organise the following:

  • Transport to and from placement
  • Child Care
  • Time off work for placement
  • ALL Mandatory Requirements must be completed prior to placement and kept up to date throughout

It is the responsibility of each student to ensure their mandatory documents are current.

As per the Workplace and Industry Placement Procedures, a student who cannot meet the mandatory requirements before commencement of the placement, will not be allowed to attend placement.

Please note: 'Mandatory Pre-Clinical Checks are not the same as the online learning modules required by individual facilities prior to commencement of placement.

To access information and forms relating to your Mandatory Checks please click on the above 'Mandatory Checks'.

Student fact sheets

Governing Policies and Procedures (PDF 369KB)

  • Student Charter
  • USC Workplace and Industry Placement Policy and Procedures
  • Student Personal Accident Claims Procedure

Nursing and Midwifery Placements Office (PDF 382KB)

  • Contact Nursing & Midwifery Placements Office
  • Frequently asked Questions
  • Who do I communicate with?

Before Placement (PDF 373KB)

  • Preparing for Clinical Placement
  • Uniform and Equipment Requirements for Placement
  • Clinical Placement Checklist
  • Mental Health First Aid
  • PrePlace

During Placement (PDF 373KB)

  • Clinical Assessment
  • Clinical Supervision Models
  • Professional Requirements
  • Student Learning and responsibilities while on Clinical Placement

SONIA User Guides (PDF 373KB)

  • Quick Guide to SONIA
  • How to upload Checks and Documents
  • Electronic Forms
  • App for Mobile Devices

Health and Wellbeing (PDF 277KB)

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Insurance information
  • Policy on Nurses (Students) with Blood Borne Viruses
  • Pregnancy
  • Disability Support
  • Illness and absence during Placement
  • Hours completed on Placement
  • Incidents
  • Fitness for Practice; Student at Risk

Regional and Remote Placements (PDF 613KB)

    • Classification of regional or remote placements

    • Who can apply?

    • Where can I go?
    • Will I be supported financially?
    • USC Bursary Information
    • How to apply for a remote placement?
    • How to apply for a regional placement
    • Communication whilst on placement?
    • Insurance cover
    •  Regional and Remote Student Checklist

    Assessment Resources (PDF 502KB)

    • Nursing Assessment:
      • ANSAT_Nursing Assessment Tool
      • ANSAT_Nursing Behavioural Cues
    • Midwifery Assessment:
      • AMSAT_2018 Clinical Assessment Tool New Standard 
      • AMSAT_Midwifery Behavioural Cues
      • AMSAT_Midwifery Fact Sheet
    • Clinical Practice Framework
    • Log of Hours


      Clinical placement calendars


      Please note

      It is the responsibility of each student to ensure their mandatory documents are current and that the originals are available for sighting on request from USC or Placement Staff.

      This database is a ‘work in progress’ – you may still need to check Blackboard for additional information, and some facility information may be provided via additional emails. If you believe any of the content is incorrect please contact the placement coordinator.

      Mandatory checks

      View your mandatory placement requirements.

      Please Note: It is the responsibility of each student to ensure their mandatory requirements are fulfilled before attending placement.

      Mandatory checks

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