WELCOME TO Sonia Online  

the Placement system used to manage the Work Experience Scheme at the University of the Sunshine Coast.


To log into Sonia Online:

  • First selectStudent’ using the drop down arrow for the Role field
  • Next enter yourUSC username’ and ‘password’ in the spaces provided
  • Then click on the sign in’ button.


If you are unable to login to WES Sonia Online it may mean your current program of study is not on the list of pre-approved programs.  
Please request approval from your Program Coordinator and email careerdevelopment@usc.edu.au to apply.

To submit a WES Student Application:

1.   Check the list of USC eligible programs included in the Work Experience Scheme on the USC website.
2.   Log into Sonia from this page using the instructions above.
3.   Go to the 'Forms' tab.
4.   Select the 'WES Student Application' Form and Add to your profile.
5.   Select the 'Edit button, complete the form and press 'Submit'.

Once logged into your School Home Page you will have access to the following

  • 'Home'
  • 'Placements'
  • 'Forms'
  • 'My Details'
  • 'Checks'
  • 'History'  and
  • 'Documents'


From here you can access all information relating to your Placement including:

  • Viewing placement options
  • Selecting placement preferences
  • Managing placements and site details
  • Tracking progress
  • Uploading documents
  • Electronic forms