Welcome to Sonia  

the Placement system used by the Criminology and Justice Program at the University of the Sunshine Coast.


  Download the SONIA for Students App: Instructional Video

This page currently under construction

To log into Sonia:

  • first select ‘Student’ using the drop down arrow on the role box
  • next enter your ‘USC username’ and ‘password’ in the spaces provided
  • then click on the ‘sign in’ button.


 This will take you to your School Home Page giving you access to the following:


  • for students:  'Home' 'Placement' 'Forms' 'My Details' 'Checks' 'History' and 'Documents'
  •  for supervisors:  'My Home' 'Placement Groups' and 'My Documents'


From here you can access all information relating to your Placement including:

  • current reminders and important dates
  • uploading and viewing your pre-placement documentation
  • selecting group preference dates
  • your placement details
  • facility information