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WELCOME to Sonia Online

This is the Health Practicum system used by the Bachelor of Health and Community Care Management Program at the USC.

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To log into Sonia Online:

  • on the tab at the top of this page first select ‘Student’ using the drop down arrow on the role box
  • next enter your ‘USC username’ and ‘password’ in the spaces provided
  • then click on the ‘sign in’ button.

This will take you to your School Home Page giving you access to the following:

  • 'Placements' - click on this tab to see a list of  your outstanding mandatory checks and current placements
  • 'Forms' - click on this tab to complete electronic forms eg. Student Placement Agreement 
  • 'My Details' 
  • 'Checks' -  upload and view your pre-clinical mandatory documentation
  • 'History' - view your past placements
  • 'Documents' - save any work integrated learning documents
  • 'Calendar' - this tab is not currently in use 

About your Health Practicum :

  • HLT326 is scheduled for Session 8 and will be a 2 week full time practicum.
  • You will be manually enrolled in HLT326 when you have your mandatory requirements uploaded to Sonia and a placement allocation has been confirmed for you.
  • Whilst we will attempt to place you close to your preferred placement area this cannot be guaranteed and you may be required to undertake your placement outside the region.
  • All travel and accommodation expenses incurred whilst undertaking practicum are the responsibility of the student
  • To be eligible for your practicum you are required to hold a current Blue Card (linked to USC) and National Police Check. You may be required to meet other mandatory  requirements and this will depend on your host organisation. You will be    notified of this once your placement has been confirmed.