WELCOME to Sonia Online 

the Placement System used by the Workplace Learning Course in FoSHEE at the University of the Sunshine Coast.

  Download the Sonia for Students App: Instructional Video

  To log into Sonia Online:

  • select Student using the drop down arrow on the Role box,
  • enter your USC username and
  • password in the spaces provided

then click on the sign in button.

This will take you to your School Home Page giving you access to:

  • 'Home'
  • 'Forms'
  • 'Checks'
  • 'My Details'
  • 'Documents'

 From here you will be able to access all information relating to your Work Placements including:

    * current reminders and important dates

    * uploading and viewing your pre-placement documentation against Checks (where applicable) & Student Placement Agreement (Forms)

    * your placement details

    * facility information

 The dedicated Workplace Learning email address for inquiries is WPL_FoSHEE@usc.edu.au

WPL Application due dates are as follows: 

              > Session 8 2018    =  10 September 2018
              > Session 1 2019    =  9 November 2018
              > Semester 1 2019  = 14 December 2018

WPL Drop-in Session with WPL Course Coordinator - Level 5 J Building Room J5.25
              Are held during Semester 2 2018 on Tuesdays 9-10am  
              Please email WPL_FoSHEE@usc.edu.au that you will be attending.

      Please Note: It is the responsibility of each student to ensure their mandatory requirements are fulfilled before attending placement.
To contact the WPL Course Coordinator or  Course Administrator please use WPL_FoSHEE@usc.edu.au  for course-related questions (including assessment tasks) and email the Course Coordinator for personal questions.

  • Students can expect to receive a response to an email within 48 hours Monday to Friday in normal business hours (public holidays excluded). Please note that WPL staff have university commitments additional to WPL.